Dynamic Self-tint Interlayer film and Smart Glass


What is Dynamic Self-Tint Interlayer film?

self-tint smart glass change

   Dynamic self-tint Interlayer film, it is self-tint pvb film with thermochromism function, the film can change color based on the sun light and temperature ;

  The film will change color from light to dark,when the sunlight strong or higher weather temperature , on the 
morning, the temperature is lower,the film will be clear,on the noon, the sun light strong ,the film will dark ,and sunshade;

   This STI film normally same with normal PVB film,you can use normal laminated production to produce dynamic self-tint smart glass, safety, saving energy!


What type can we supply?

STI-B1 STI-B2 self-tint interlayer film

What thickness and size?


  Roll size:1.4*50m;2.8*50m;1.4*100m;2.8*100m;

What is Dynamic self-tint smart glass?

   Dynamic Self-tint smart glass controlled by weather  is a kind of laminated glass produced with a same production process as traditional laminated glass process,using Self-Tint TPVB film sandwiched between two pieces of common glass. It has a bonding strength and safety performance comparable to that of traditional PVB laminated glass. In addition, Dynamic self-tint smart glass also have some specific characteristics:

Dynamic self-tint smart glass can feel the changes in light intensity and temperature and adjust its shading coefficient in a proper way to offer you a comfortable life and save energy.

Dynamic self-tint smart glass not only can feel the change of weather, such as the light intensity and temperature, but also can automatically block the radiation of near Infrared and UV by adjusting its shading coefficient.

Dynamic Self-tint smart glass Sturcture:

    2/3/4/5/6/8/10mm tempered glass+Dynamic Self-tint TPVB film+2/3/4/5/6/8/10mm tempered glass

Dynamic Self-Tint Smart Glass Specification

self-tint interlayer film specification

self-tint smart film solar and opatical specification

self-tint interlayer film solar and opital datasheet


     Sunshade Glass,Window,Skyroof Glass,car glass and so on;

self-tint smart glass widnow

self-tint smart glass window

dynamica self-tint smart glass

dynamic self-tint smart window


self-tint smart glass building for metroself-tint smart glass building


InnoGlass offers two year warranty for all products.

Additionally, we supply full instruction to use and operate!

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