Standard Type White,Light grey,Dark grey Smart Film

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Who is InnoGlass ?

  • the electrochromic  glass and film technology develop and explore specialist;
  • we have most advanced  electrochromic film factory;
  • we have the professional electrochromic glass and film application processed factory in China;
  • we have the maximum width electrochromic film (the maximum width:1800mm) in world;
  • we can supply you the longest electrochromic film (one roll :50meter);
  • we can supply your milk white, black,dark grey,blue,red,green electrochromic color film;

What is electrochromic  film?
Electrochromic Film and glass can manage transparency instantly in response to user demand for seclusion, privacy or confidentiality without compromising light transmission. User just turns the Smart Film “on” for transparent glass and “off” for opaque glass in a within one second by a power switch.

Electrchromic film is a liquid crystal film allowing immediate switching from translucent to transparent. With a sticky it can be directly attached to the surface of the transparent material. Self-adhesive smart film can be used for window film, projection screens and other applications.

Standard Type Film Color

Milk White

Power Off                                                                                                                Power On

Light Grey

power off                                                                                           power on

Dark Grey

Power Off                                                                             Power On

Thickness and Maxmium Size:

  • Thickness:0.36mm
  • Maxmium size:
  • For self-adhesive type:1.5*50meter;
  • For non-adhesive type:1.8*60meter;

Where to be used?

Car, House Window, Building Skylight, Meeting Room, Office, Hospital ,Bank, Bathroom, Projector Film;

Products Specification:


Safety Package:

Electrochromic Film:

We use the strong paper barrel to protect thefilm very well!


InnoGlass offers a one year warranty for all products.

Additionally, we supply full instruction to use and operate!

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