Super Clear White Switchable glass/smart glass



Who is InnoGlass ?

  • the switchable smart PDLC glass and film technology develop and explore specialist;
  • we have most advanced switchable PDLC film factory;
  • we have the professional smart glass and film application processed factory in China;
  • we have the maximum width smart film (the maximum width:1800mm) in world;
  • we can supply you the longest film (one roll :60meter);
  • we can supply your milk white, black, grey,green,red color film;

What is Super clear switchable glass?
Smart Film and glass can manage transparency instantly in response to user demand for seclusion, privacy or confidentiality without compromising light transmission. User just turns the Smart Film “on” for transparent glass and “off” for opaque glass in a within one second by a power switch.

Super clear Smart glass is laminated  smart glass with high transparent smart film ,the structure: glass+super clear  smart film+glass;

Smart Glass Structure:

  • The Smart Glass Structure: Glass+EVA+Switchable PDLC Film+EVA+Glass
  •  For Glass: Low Iron clear float glass .Normal Clear Float glass
  •   Glass Thickness:3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm
  •  Smart Film: High Transparent Type PDLC Film, Standard Type PDLC Film
  •  Smart Film Color:White,Red,Blue,Black,Light Grey.Dark Grey
  •   Max size: 1.8*3.2meter

How to lamianted super clear smart glass?



Note:You can use two type laminated line,but you need all use vacuum bag !

Where to be used for super clear smart glass?

Car, House Window, Building Skylight, Meeting Room, Office, Hospital ,Bank, Bathroom, Projector Film;

new film project2 new film project1

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Products Specification for super clear smart glass:


       Our Products have gotten the following certificate: CE, IC ,FCC ,C-Tick , RoHS and so on!

       If you need the original certificate, we can supply also!

Safety Package:

Super clear Smart Glass:

We use the strong wooden package!


InnoGlass offers a one year warranty for all products.

Additionally, we supply full instruction to use and operate!

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