Magic Transparent LCD Display


The transparent LCD display which we self-developed, could achieve dynamic &static transparent display effect under natural light with all sorts of colors .our transparent LCD possess unique characterictics of high resolution ,high grade of transparency, true color imagining and high contrast .we make it alive!

High Technology

  • High transparent :fill light transparent rate:75-85%,best in world;;
  • Colorful: high contrast, true color imaging, color gamt:60-68%
  • Custom size: Regular size:21.6” 22” 27“32”39”46“55”65“82”, conjoined size:46”*2,55”*2…, you can custom size;
  • Highest 1080P resolution

New Fashion

  • New idea: Great way to show your products;
  • Impressive: play product introduction video same time, easy to check and remember;
  • Fashionable : Modern art design, elegant appearance , the best viewing angle


  • Operate smart: remote control operate,
  • Smart Play: Use the computer to operate , easy for everyone;
  • Safety Power: only 12V


  • Touch function: Touch directly on the screen
  • Sensitive and flexible;
  • System solutions , comprehensive technical support

What size can we  supply?

The size:21.6″ 22″27″32“40”50“55”65″

What type products can we suply?

Transparent LCD Showcase Display


lcd display showcase

Fridge with Transparent LCD Display Door

transparent lcd display from InnoGlass

Transparent LCD Screen

transparent lcd display screen

Note:We can supply you  the innovative products,if you have any demand,pls let me know!


Where to be used?

transparent lcd display

Video Website

Pls check our Youtube website: