Transparent LCD Display for Fridge Application


The transparent LCD display fridge which use the transparent LCD Screen in fridge door glass, Refrigerator door display products at the same time as advertisements, vending, customer communication, market research and other media interactive experience, our unique transparent door body production of patented technology to solve screen heat dissipation, anti fog and other issues, has been successfully used in Haier, Coca cola and product project;

Internet Centralized control system,only one host PC can achieve on different regions all freezers and video advertising replacement, play, location, interaction information collection, freezer use operation monitor;

What products can we supply?

Transparent LCD Fridge Door

We can supply transparent lcd fridge door, you can give us your fridge door glass size,then we can design for you and give you the solution, our new fridge door is conbined with transparent LCD, aluminium frame, Led light and so on;

40inch Transparent LCD Fridge

transparent lcd fridge from InnoGlass

22inch Transparent LCD Fridge

bar transparent lcd fridge

High Technology

  • High transparent :fill light transparent rate:75-85%;
  • Colorful: high contrast, true color imaging,

New Fashion

  • New idea: Great way to show your products;
  • Impressive: play product introduction video same time;
  • Fashionable : Modern art design, elegant appearance

40Inch and 22Inch Transparent LCD Fridge Specification

Transparent LCD Fridge Display



39 transparent LCD fridge2 39 transparent LCD Fridge3 39 transparent lcd fridge4

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